Sunday, February 24, 2008


Who cares?

When Arsenal don't play then really I am apathetic to how other games turn out. Unless they involve clubs I have a viscerel loathing for. Like Spurs and Luton. I'm none too keen on Chelsea either, their six trophies in three years bugs me. Why the hell can't WE manage that? Given that Chelsea are among our biggest rivals (!) I don't want them to win anything, be it an egg and spoon race or a Carling Cup.

Today is the Carling Cup and I would normally hope Chelsea's opponents beat them. Problem is, todays their opponents is that lot from up the Seven Sisters and while I don't won't Chelsea to win today another bloody trophy you can bet your last barrel of beer I don't want that team whose badge is a chicken standing on a basketball to win.

So I hope today's game is played out to a yawn inducing 0-0 draw and the sponsors say, shit that was so dire what we really need to save any dignity we may have, is to invite the losing semi finalists to play off for the trophy and let the Arsenal win.

It may be the only way we do win a trophy!

arsenal fans are such good losers! :)
you guys have more experience !!!
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