Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Persipura v PSMS

Half time 0-0. Great game with Gustavo Chena shining early doors. Or windows.

0-0 after 90 minutes. PSMS won the first half 0-0, Persipura clearly won the second 0-0 even though James Koko Lomel did break free in the dying seconds but Persipura managed to recover

Now we have extra time and if it remains 0-0 we get penalties.

94 mins - Markus smothers the ball at Goncalves feet
95 mins - Down the other end Saktiawan curls the ball just wide from 10 yards down the inside left channel
99 mins - Again Saktiwan down the right this time works the Persipura keeper who saves smartly at the near post
101 mins - Koko fails to make a decent connection from 12 yards and the ball trickles out. End to end stuff
103 mins - Persipura captain Ivakdalam replaced by Da Rocha
104 mins - PSMS Mbom replaced by Boy Jati
0-0 Half Time of Extra Time
105 mins - Free kick Da Rocha threatens migrating pigeons
111 mins - Desperate defending in the PSMS penalty area clears an Immanuel Wanggai cross
115 mins - Usep looks dangerous as he dances along the Persipura goal line but his cross is weak
117 mins - Penalties here we come?
120 mins -
0-0 It's penalties...Jendri and Markus are two of the best keepers in the country. Now they stand between defeat or loss for their respective team. A cruel way to end a football match but it's better than watching American Idol, also a cruel way to spend an evening.
Both teams are in huddles while I feed one of my turtles.

Persipura 1-0 (Victor)
PSMS 1-1 (Legimun)
Persipura 2-1 (Wanggai)
PSMS 2-2 (Koko)
Persipura 2-2 (Kabes sees penalty saved by Markus)
PSMS 2-2 (saved)
Persipura 3-2 (Bahtiar)

PSMS 3-3 (Supardi)
Persipura 4-3 (Jeremiah)
PSMS 4-4 (Rommy)

Persipura 4-4 (Da Rocha hits post)
PSMS 5-4 (Saktiawan)

PSMS are in the Liga Final for the first time in their history. For the second time this season Persipura fail from the penalty spot


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