Thursday, February 14, 2008


Persija sampai mati

Persija till I die.

Bill Shankley's quote about football being more important than life and death can at times seems trite or prophetic.

For the family of Fathul Mulyadin football must seem irrelevant. Persija was his life yet eight days ago it was following Persija that took his life. Wrong place, wrong time.

Far from the stadium, attacked from behind, life extinguished from a 27 year old whose journey should have been just begining, not ending. It shouldn't be like this. It's only football for fucks sake. It ain't a matter of life or death.

Be it Bung Karno or Heysel it's football and when you say goodbye, you're off to the match, you should return home.

This afternoon at Lebuk Bulus Stadium Persija played Hyundai Ulsan in a friendly that was rapidly turned into a commemeration of a life taken tragically young. The score became irrelevant. This was about a life wasted so early for no reason beyond some moron who couldn't accept defeat.

Before kick off there was a moment's silence. At half time I popped into the supporter's club where Fat Boy was watching the game on TV; counting the money. 'For the family.'

Today was not about Persija playing Hyundai Ulsan. Today was the football family coming together to help a family tragically bereaved.

No more Fathul Mulyadins...


hi there! thx for writing this blog..although most of the news are also on it's interesting to see your point of view :)

btw i saw the pic of Hindmarsh stadium..i'm currently studing in Adelaide n support Adelaide United..not much of a team I say..but you've got to support someone rite?

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