Wednesday, February 27, 2008


All quiet on the Persija front

Persib have a coach. PSM have got one, Arema have recruited one as have Persik. Double winners Sriwijaya didn't need to having the foresight to secure Rahmad Darmawan to a two year deal.

Persija have nothing but a five man team set up to look at possible candidates which may include Singaporean David Lee as well as ex Arema coach Miroslav Jamu.

While the club management plods lethargically to some kind of decision they risk losing their best players. Already M Roby and Hamkah Hamza have moved on. Now there are rumours Arema are interested in Bambang Pamungkas and Aliyudin but the Jakmania website says they are sure to stay

July may seem a long way distant but, as other clubs are showing, it does not excuse tardiness when it comes to putting together a team that can challenge for the next season. If the Kemayoran Tigers don't act soon they'll be shopping at Indo Maret, not Plaza Indonesia.

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