Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Sriwijaya v PSMS 2-2

1' James Koko (PSMS)
29' James Koko (PSMS)
43' Ambrizal (Sriwijaya)
69' Zahraham (Sriwijaya)

If Sriwijaya are to achieve a unique domestic double they are going about it the hard way. Two down within half an hour against PSMS they came up against an inspired Markus Horison in the Medan goal but well deserved at least a point in this Sumatran affair.

Played in the puddles of Brawijaya Stadium in Kediri PSMS were two up early on, the second goal coming after Ferry Rotinsulu, the hero on the Copa win against Persipura on Sunday, palmed a Gustavo Chena free kick on to the post. Koko reacted first and PSMS were coasting.

Sriwijaya are made of stern stuff though and when Horison failed to hold a free kick at the other end Ambrizal had a simple tap in to bring the Palembang back in the tie. Some PSMS player got a red in the second half and Zahramah levelled with a beauty.

I get to watch American Idol before the second match...jealous eh?


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