Thursday, January 17, 2008


A right kerfuffle

Persik fans were unwilling to allow Arema fans to travel in the first place. A meeting involving local government, Aremania and police gave the go ahead for 11,500 fans to travel. The result is one smashed Brawijaya Stadium and a schedule up in the air.

FA and club officials meet this afternoon in Kediri, after the smoke has literally cleared, to decide what to do with the remaining four fixtures now that the Brawijaya has no further part to play.

Today and Saturday's games go ahead as planned in Solo while the Arema v Persiwa game that was cancelled after 70 minutes will be replayed on 21 January in Solo. The final games from the group of four based in Solo will now be played on the 22nd. With me so far?

The outstanding fixtures from Kediri will possibly be relocated to Solo, Gresik of Surabaya. The latter will be attractive because for sure no Arema fans will travel!

Their is a chance the semi finals and final will be put back a week.

Questions must be asked though. Why was the Brawijaya Stadium selected? Under the FA's own guidelines there are only five stadiums in the country of the highest quality at the moment. Solo, Sidoarjo, Sleman, Soreang and Palembang. Another, dafter, question, is what were the 1,000 police and security doing while fans went mental?


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