Monday, January 28, 2008


Name change

PSP, who will be playing in next season's Liga Premier, are changing their naming.

I guess PSP means little to non gamers but they are from Padang in West Sumatra and they are the locally owned opposed to Semen Padang who are sponsored by the local sperm bank*.

For the new season PS Padang will be known as PSP Minang which they feel will better reflects the culture oand traditions of their area. Minangkabau people are famous for their food, architecture and traditional matrilineal society.

Offcially modern Indonesia frowns on such attempts at ethnicity or regionalism preferring instead to show the world Indonesia as a homogenous nation but local rivalries flourish on the terraces and in the minds of people.

My wedding was a traditional Minang affair in case you're're probably not...but work is quiet and I have little else to do so...

* Semen Padang are not in fact sponsored by a sperm bank at all but a local cement manufacturer. I apologise if anybody who has ever made a deposit at such an institution has been offended in any way.


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