Thursday, January 17, 2008


Conspiracy theories

Arema fans are convinced they are victims of a conspiracy to prevent them being Liga Champions 2007 and they point to having three goals disallowed in last nights clash with Persiwa as evidence.

They also complain there were not many police inside the stadium last night. This ties in with what someone else tells me regarding the policing, or lack of it.

Indonesia is rife with tales of deals done in smokey rooms, of corruption and it is no surprise such allegations arise in football. I have heard of at least instance where players were paid to throw a match and fans with much closer links to clubs than I have also hear the same.

Given the wide spread corrupt practises it is no surprise people point so quickly to nefarious characters and dodgy deals done on the side.

Any 'perceived' dodgy decision that goes against a side is going to be looked at in that light and it is no surprise that during the hoo hah that marred the end of the Persija game earlier this evening the coach, Sergei Dubovrin, was heard to mention the word money as he complained about the decision that cost his side two valuable points.

TV evidence last night was unclear but, for me anyway, the linesman got the first two correct. The third from Mbamba was a goal, I could not see how the linesman could give it as offside. There was a coming together off the ball in the box but it didn't impact either Mbamba or the Persiwa keeper Charles Woof.

The issue is though if a decision goes against a team and they start bleating about match fixing then we are not going to end up with a football league. We're going to end up with a farce.

Going back to the Persija game. Just what did Dubovrin hope to achieve by puffing his chest out against the officials and at one point refusing to play? Was he expecting the ref to say, 'Oh sorry Sergei, you're right, scratch that goal.' How many times has that happened?

Some Arema fans at least, ok I guess most of them, are disgusted at what happened last night and have sent a letter of apology to the city of Kediri and to the media. If I get a copy I'll post it on here.


Thank you so much for bringin this issue. I appreciate your care for Indonesian football by not taking side and giving opportunities for my fellow AREMNAIA to express the matter from their perspective.

First of all We are sorry and embarrassed. But most of all, we are deeply sorry.
Words cannot express how truly sorry we are for the anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, revulsion and riot at the that we caused at the Brawijaya Stadium in Kediri during the match between AREMA and PERSIWA on January 16. This is especially saddening because AREMANIA are known to be creative and anti-anarchy type of fans. And last year we were elected to be the best soccer fans in Indonesia. Nevertheless on January 16 we failed to deliver our best behavior, instead we were deeply frustrated and so mad at a very poor referee performance. One wonders where did
Arema has been victim of PSSI idiocy during the past two years in particular, such as failing to register AREMA as the COPA INDONESIA Champion in the year of 2005.
I hope they were not involved in making a bet. Frankly it is very difficult to control our emotion when you were ripped of in such a wicked way.
Many of our fans had lost their patience and trust to PSSI. The bitterness and deep disappointment had turn to be an uncontrollable anger.
Certainly there is no justification for that, one would argue. But the emotion already were already running very high and unfortunately some of my fellow aremania lost their patience totally.
PSSI & BLI is very quick to claim their right, nevertheless they are shamelessly ignorant and without conscience to even care to admit and let alone apologize.
Well this is PSSI ruled by corrupt and greedy swindler whose office in Salemba custody.

Salam Satu Jiwa
Sam Ongiz Kera Ngalam.

"We don't go anywhere
But We are everywhere"
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