Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Booing your own players

Fans need a scapegoat. Someone they can blame when things go wrong. It's as natural as a buring ringpiece after a particularly spicey vindaloo. It's as natural as Tottenham 'going to' sign someone.

But why?

Two years ago at Arsenal Gilberto was getting it from fans. Last year he was among the top scorers and everyone loved him. Last season fans were knocking Adebayor and Hleb. Now they're god's gift.

But fans still need their victims and this year it seems to be Senderos and Walcott. For the love of Zippy, what's all this about eh? Senderos comes in, plays a game and a half, makes a mistake and gets slated. Toure last year, or was it the year before, made some glaring errors but no one ever had a pop at him. Senderos was part of the team that went 7,875,783 games without conceding a goal in the Champions League. Bad players don't do that.

Walcott still has his nappy changed at half time. What the hell are people giving him grief for? See him in the Under 21's he looks the mutts nuts, the guy has got talent. Don't believe me, Arsene Wenger signed him, he knows you know.

Not everyone can be a Fabregas or Ronaldo. Some young players take time to settle in.

Tony Adams came in aged 17 and looked like a cart horse. Not a donkey. I groaned a few times when I saw his name in the programme but he was given time and hey with time comes games and with games comes experience. It ain't rocket science.

Another name. Thierry wotshisbleedin' name? French geezer. First few games I saw him and I was thinking don't sneeze or he'll fall over and may not get up. I think he turned out all right.

I've talked before on here about how the fans that plonk their arses on seats today are quick to criticise. Don't get me wrong, we've had enough duffers at the Arsenal over the years to fill a book. Young players need time and games. So do experienced ones. I bet if you went back to Arsenal today and asked for a fan who booed Martin Keown when he joined the club for the second time not one will stand up. But they were there.

You wanna boo Walcott and Senderos then obviously that's your right as someone who follows the herd and doesn't want to have their own opinion unless they conflict with the 'majority'. Slag away numpties while I draw up my own nightmare XI!



Nicholas P


I'm sure others could come up with Wenger's wobbles but they were mostly after my time. And Ray Hankin didn't get enough game time to be considered. I saw him get a minute at Highbury in one of his two games, I forget how many he minutes he got at Anfield.

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