Thursday, December 06, 2007


Sidoarjo v Persija 1-1

Great cup tie this with thrills, spills and a red card for Ismed Sofyan.

The Deltras, in front of a large passionate home crowd, took an early lead and for long stages cruised the game with Pronetto and Moriera particularly dangerous.

However Persija hadn't come to make up the numbers and early in the second half both Bambang and Robertinho went close.

It was no surprise when a deep cross from the right was met by Bambang, called up for the Liga Select to play Borussia Dortmund, headed across the face of goal and Ruben Ceco, just on for Aliyudin, headed home firmly. He celebrated by jumping bum first into the sand pit in front of the home supporters which encouraged a barrage of plastic water bottles.

With 15 minutes left coach Sergei Dubrovin decided to shut the gates, a risky decision against a side featuring such quality as Pronetto and Jose Sebastian, by replacing Bambang with Wayan. Both teams ended the game with a Latino forward line.

Careless defending in and around the box by Persija was another risking tactic and Robertinho pulling some chap down on 19 yards invited trouble but Sebastian lashed it wide of Persija's Moldovan keeper Evgeny.

In the last few minutes the Deltras lay seige to the Persija goal but Evgeny was commanding and Persija deserved the result.

Second leg is 3rd January at Lebuk Bulus.

Have they released the full roster for the Dortmund game yet?
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