Friday, December 14, 2007


A Persib Bandung blog

I do like this guys work. Unforunately there isn't enough of it. Either his work or indeed Indonesian football fans blogging in English. No reason why they should of course, I don't see many Sunderland fans writing about the Mackems in Finnish or Creole.

Check out his latest post about coach Arcan Iurie's recent departure. Read it and understand a little of the passion that surrounds Persib Bandung and the frustration at seeing their season tailspin out of control.

I touched recently on Persib's woes in a recent article for ESPN when I interviewed Heru Joko, the leader of the Viking Supporters Club, but I was an outsider looking in. This guy writes with a feeling only the true fan can have.

Dunno who he is but hope to see more of his work!


Thanks 4 ur comment in my blog. I hope It will make my motivation increase to write about Persib more. Some time ago, I can not post because my job. I worked in Warung Internet as an Operator and it was sold to another.
Now I am working again in the other warnet on the same position, and i hope i can continue my writing about this loved club.
I am sorry if my english is so bad, thanks.
keep it up

btw, check out his next French!
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