Monday, December 31, 2007


Crowd disorder hits Yogyakarta and Surabaya

Police fought with Persebaya fans who were locked out of their local derby with Arema Malang. Given the atmosphere surrounding this game it is little surprise there were no visiting Arema fans but that was of little import to the local simians who tried to smash a solid metal gate to gain admittance to the stadium.

In Yogyakarta home fans attacked visiting Sidoarjo players. I'm pleased to say that PSIM lost 2-1 and that this Thursday in the Copa Indonesia the Deltras should receive a better reception when they play Persija.

PSIM fans are known as Brajamusti and they have a nice web site here.

It is little surprise that the clubs who have regularly misbehaved this season, be it fans or players, have not made the Liga Super next season and Indonesian football is better off without them.

Shame on Anthoni Jomma Ballah whose behavior on the pitch almost turned the whole stadium into riot. The Bonek's childish and impertinent behavior deserved long term banned. Indonesian football could survive better without Boneks.
you make a good point about players behaviour and responsibility

it s odd, or maybe not, but when you see a game without fans there is little of this shameful behaviour
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