Saturday, December 08, 2007


Asian Champions League 2008

The draw for next season's ACL takes place on 17th December with just 26 out of 28 clubs known. The two missing clubs of course from here...Indonesia.

The Copa and Liga winners won't be decided till at least a month later. It remains to be seen if the invitation to compete still applies by then.

Indonesia of course failed to send any participants in 2006 because they did not send off the club details, Arema and Persipura, in time.

Please, no laughing at the back...


Who does it look like will be chosen?
whoever wins the Big 8 play offs in the liga and who ever wins the copa

both pretty open at the moment
Ah ok.

I'm hoping Melbourne get one of the Indonesian teams in March, so I can see them play while I'm over there.

check post on 12/12
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