Thursday, December 13, 2007


Arema v PKT Bontang 3-1

Ultimately Arema, inspired by Ronni and Morales, comfortably brushed aside their visitors from Borneo yesterday afternoon but maybe the main story refers to Emile Mbamba.

The 26 year old Cameroonian was substituted on 25 minutes and as he trudged slowly off the pitch he took his shirt off and flung it down at the Arema bench. Ignoring the proffered drink he carried on walking down the tunnel and perhaps out of Indonesian football?

Mbamba has shone in his short spell here and it would be a shame to see him move on but in the lead up to his replacement his body language wasn't the body language of a team player as he waved his arms round in frsutration each time a colleague took the 'wrong option' or filed a pass astray.

Arema get back in the Top 4 and now look forward to a home game with Persiba this weekend as they aim for the play offs.

On Sunday I met Yuli, the conductor of the Arema fan club at a movie premier in Jakarta where he was busy, and perhaps a little nonplussed, signing autographs. Yesterday back on the terraces of his beloved Arema perched on the fences he was leading the faithful in their passionate support for the Crazy Lions.


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