Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Persija to play at Bung Karno Stadium?

With their tiny Lebuk Bulus holding 12,500 slated for renovation next season Persija are looking at holding their home games at the cavernous Bung Karno Stadium in Senayen. Quite what the coiffured Ibu's may think about 60,000 orange clad waifs ruining their precious shopping expeditions can only be guessed at.

Still, it is a nonsense that Indonesia's capital city club and one of the most glamourous names plays in front of such poxy crowds. I hope they do renovate LB as it is one of the few real football stadiums in the country and doesn't have a running track round it.

The extra capacity from either BK or LB will be needed as clubs face up to raiding more money for themselves and not relying on handouts.

Hm quite. Actually, the whole area of Lebak Bulus has to be revamped! Have you tried getting through Ciputat on a match day?

However, will this actually win Persija titles they couldn't get for love nor money?
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