Monday, October 29, 2007


Raining cards and goals

Just a couple of games over the weekend.

Persik, inspired by Gonzalez, thumped PSS 6-2 and crept in 4th place at the expense of PSMS. I won't say I told you so ...

Still at the Brawijaya Stadium Persik fans raised 600,000 rupiah, about 56 USD for families affected by the rumblings of the nearby Gunung Kelud volcano. When you consider the vast majority of football fans in this country come from low income families and the lebaran festival, which can take up the years savings, has just finished it was a bloody good effort by them.

Still talking Persik, President SBY was due to take in last weeks game with Persib until it was rained off.

Talking raining...Persib lost 2-1 at Persema Malang in a game marred by 10 yellow cards.

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