Friday, October 26, 2007


Not so Jolly Hotspurs

I feel sorry for Martin Jol, I really do. Having led Spurs to their best ever finishes in the Premiership he is rewarded, not with a job for many life Arsenal fans feel he deserves but with the heave ho. Unmercilessly shown the door by a chairman and board who have inflated ideas about where the club is.

They have cast envious glances at Arsenal and Manchester United, seen the free flowing football they produce and the success it has garnered and decided they want some of that. Conveniently overlooking the lesson that lies behind their success; stability off the field.

Then when fellow London rivals Chelsea started winning things they felt worse. Why, went the logic at White Hart Lane, aren’t we winning trophies? We are Tottenham, purveyors of the glory, glory game. Those trophies and plaudits are ours. Forgetting of course Chelsea had an open cheque book.

Jol has paid for his crimes and Spurs are looking for their 10th manager since Arsene Wenger took over at bitter rivals Arsenal and with a new manager the cycle continues. Time to bed in, make new signings, promise lots, underachieve, there’s the door, so long and thanks for nothing.

Football is a harsh taskmaster and getting harsher every year. Jol has been successful to an extent, by Spurs standards he has done well but chairman Daniel Levy thinks Spurs are up there with the Arsenal’s and United’s and he acts in a \manner he thinks they would act. Jol had reached the end of the line. He was limited in tactics and selection and couldn’t impose a killer instinct on he team. A few quality players, Berbatov, Defoe or surrounded by too much dross whose names are unknown beyond the Spurs match day programme and people who play fantasy football.

Say what you like about Spurs, and I do, but their fans are a loyal bunch. Every week they turn up in large numbers, selling out White Hart Lane and prompting the club to consider moving to another stadium. Martin Jol was never going to lead them to the promised land but the cackhanded way Daniel Levy has handled the affair probably ensures a few more seasons of dross before they see the glory game again.

One could almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

I feel sorry for Jol as well.
However, as a Sheffield Wednesday supporter, I have my own problems to worry me.
Still, unless Juande Ramos (or whomever) can quickly send Spurs into the Champions League (and they might be in the Championship instead), that managerial post will always be a tenuous position.
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