Thursday, September 13, 2007


SLeague title race

Three more crucial games this week in this exciting race. Click here for the latest table.

13/9 - SAF v Albirex Niigata
14/9 - Liaoning v Home United
15/9 - Tampines v Young Lions

Today also sees the SLeague meet to decide what to do about Woodlands Wellington and their walk off the other night against Tampines Rovers. Personally I hope they find a bloody great heavy book and throw it at them while they're not looking. Singapore is the place where you get your goolies mangled just for chewing gum or not flushing the toilet. To allow a team to show such disrespect to the match officials, whatever their personal opinion, is the slipway to chaos in professional sport and will have the rest of the football world wondering how serious Singapore is about its football.

Hopefully the Rams will get harshly punished, relegated would send the right signal, then we can go back to talking about an exciting title run in and the goals of Duric as well as Singapore's chances in the AFC Cup.

Lets hope the heavy book isn't the Bible!!

All fun and games said, yes, the S League should certainly make them suffer, i'd go to deduct enough points at least so they can't enter AFC Cup next year,thus giving another team a chance, maybe harsh, but we can't have things like this going on.
is it likely ww would get in the afc cup next season???

6 points is a joke
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