Friday, September 07, 2007


Packaging Football

Every Monday we get a TV programme that highlights the previous weekends Premier League fixtures with some interviews and stats that is put together and marketed by a private company. This is on top of the similar coverage provided by ESPN. It's also probably the one time the other 16 clubs get equal exposure as the big 3 + Chelsea.

Interest in Asian football has never been higher after a successful Asian Cup. The Champions League resumes soon with live coverage available on satellite TV and we also have a couple of programmes devoted to Asian football. Top Corner focuses on the game in South East Asia while Football Asia looks at the whole region. There is interest and there is a market.

Surely it's time for local broadcasters to get in on the act and package their highlights and flog them. What happenes to the film of a game after it has gone out live? Does it sit on a shelf and gather dust or just binned? What a waste! Surely the cost involved in putting together a highlights magazine show is peanuts in the big scheme of things. By utislising existing film then that original broadcast has a value that goes above and beyond the live experience. Throw in a couple of hours, well maybe more, in the editing room and add some graphics and surely you're on your way to packaging local football to a far wider audience. Awareness increases blah blah blah.

Two obvious contenders would be the SLeague and the Liga Indonesia. A weekly magazine aired round the region with participation encouraged from viewers and you have Persija and Tampines reaching the homes of millions on a regular basis. It seems a no brainer to this non media type I'm convinced someone has already thought of it and decided it was a non starter for some reason.

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