Saturday, September 29, 2007


Moan moan moan

That Rafa for me is the most loathed manager in the league at the moment. His latest whinge, and boy does he excel in them is that if Liverpool don't win the Premier League then don't blame him cos it won't be his fault. Oh no, it will be those evil refs who don't offer players like Torres enough protection.

Stick to the Carling Cup then goatee face...

The reptilian Uzbek continues to buy up shares at The Arsenal. My question instead of thisslimey, loathsome swamp dweller buying the shares is why aren't the club? David Dein professes to love the club but he continues to presist with his involvement with this vile creature. How repulsive is he? Recently some allegations appeared on the net about him and were spread around Arsenal forums and websites. Run by Arsenal fans. The response of this blob? Letters from lawyers threatening I know not what. I have no idea whether the allegations are true or false but surely if someone wants to get people, his future customers, on his side the last thing you do is go legal. Is the theme of threat and opaqueness the future of my football club under him?

Arsenal's figures this week revealed they are the richest club in the country and it's gonna get better. Opening the door to numbnuts and friends so they can rape the assets is not in the interests of Arsenal Football Club. Why can't he buy Spurs?!

Right, whinge over. I'm off to the pub. C'mon Arsenal!

swa the shareholding figures on sky last night, reckon he's gonna be a minor annoyance for a while, then prob melt away.

thing with rafa is, the way he goes on and on, he just becomes background noise, no one (esp refs) take any notice of him i reckon.
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