Friday, September 21, 2007


Jakmania today

Those vicious football hooligans the Jakmania are today gathering at their club offices in Lebuk Bulus Stadium to break the fast together with the club manager.


They gone to break the managers legs or something?

now os the islamic ramadan, fasting month. when the sun sets they break the fast, bukan puasa, with friends and family...and in this case the manager of the football club
Oh, i see, first of all it sounded like the nasty Jakamania people wanted to beat up the gaffer, but now these nasty people want to be nice people...for one day only!!
hey, it'd be 'macet pulang' for those coming home from work around the Cilandak area :)) oddly enough, I somehow miss those days.
that jalan tol makes things a breeze, well for me anyway :)
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