Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Indonesia v UAE ???

Is it or isn't it?

Initially I reported this fixture would go ahead in Dubai. Then, nothing. The AFC mentioned it on their site also in Dubai. But nothing coming from the Indonesian FA.

Local reports Monday had the game being played in Jakarta this Friday but again silence from those that should know these things.

You could argue that the FA are busy enough here with various shenanigans, I could tell you all about that but I would have to kill you after, but their job is to build on the Asian Cup and prepare for the World Cup Qualifiers.

It makes sense to play the UAE who are after all floating round the region and there was a friendly lined up before the Asian Cup which was cancelled. But sense isn't always applied.

Will it happen? And if it does will anyone know about it? If they know will anybody be motivated enough to see an unpromoted game against some unknowns? And by then will anyone even care? People here are more interested in a possible deal that could see one live match a week from England being shown on free TV.

Update - Now the FIFA website is reporting UAE play Oman. Odd how they can arrange friendlies so quickly and the FA here ... oh, forget it!

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