Sunday, September 09, 2007


Coca Cola Cup Schools Football

I popped along to the police stadium in Blok M to catch some of this yesterday. There is so little in the way of organised schools football here, the least I could do was to take in some of what there was. As ever with Indonesian football the crowds took centre stage. It was like a normal Liga Indonesia game with fans singing and dancing as they supported their team. There was a lovely moment when one song featured an expletive and a policeman came over and asked them to stop using bad words!

The games were played on pint sized pitches by pint sized boys and the ones I saw were a lot of fun. Some good touches, a couple of good goals and plenty of woeful defending. Oh, and you get the impression these guys have been perhaps practising their goal celebration technique...

The finals are today but I've got a hangover so not going. They have a website here if you would like to know more and can read Indonesian.

Pix from yesterday can be found here.

Fair play to the sponsors and the police for organising this. Does it work? Yesterday I met a player from Barito Putra, a second division team, who had played in the cup way back when. He was over watching the games and keeping an eye out for local talent. Kudos to his club for taking this approach and looking to the future of the game here and not just regurgitating mediocre foreign players.


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