Thursday, August 30, 2007


Midweek results

Persikabo v Sriwijaya 3-0 7,000
Persikota v Persitara 2-0 5,000
Persiraja v Persija 1-0 9,000
PSDS v S. Padang 3-2 5,000
PSMS v PSS 1-0 (abandonded due to rain)

Persiter v Persebaya 1-0 10,000
Persmin v Persigi Bali 3-0 12,000
Persibom v PSIM 0-0 6,000
Persma v Deltras 0-1 12,000

Sriwijaya fall on the road again. Persikota win at home again. Persija lost in a bad tempered affair in Aceh with a goal 8 minutes from time. 7 bookings there. Quewetly Alweni scored for Ternate as they beat Surabaya 1-0 and move one point behind leaders Persijap. Nice name...

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