Saturday, July 21, 2007


Lord love ya Jamie

I'm watching the Japan v Australia game on Star Sports and they have Jamie Reeves as a pundit. He's brilliant. He's so dispassionate in manner but rarely wastes a word and avoids cliches like the plague.

And what other pundit can say 'beautifully behaved' when talking about football fans?! You can imagine him sitting in a bar wearing slippers, smoking a pipe, drinking bitter and wearing a Ronnie Corbett type diamond pullover. He's so damned reasonable...

0-0 so far. Australia started brightly and Viduka worked the keeper early but in the last 10 minutes or so Japan are seeing a lot more of the ball but the final ball is usually poor.

You do feel that Japan want to have this finished as soon as possible. A look at the Aussie bench shows Cahill and Kewell and we know what they did to Thailand the other day.

I just hope we don't go to penalties...

Plenty of empty seats.

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