Monday, July 16, 2007


Bloody tickets

I think I have mentioned before how some people here in Indonesia work in the private sector. It's difficult to keep on being absent from the office and spend half the working day going to and from the centre of Jakarta to collect tickets because some dope somewhere couldn't think of a more efficient method of distribution.

When you call the Indonesian FA and ask what time you can collect the tickets you kind of expect the time they give, in this case 10 am, to be accurate, give or take 10 minutes. But when 10 am becomes 11.30 am and the staff give no excuse or reason as to why they decided to let people stand around outside doing nothing then that is bloody ignorant.

Ivan Kolev and his team have been immense so far this tournament. The fans have provided wonderful support at the games and come in their thousands despite the obstacles thrown up. But while the AFC officials cruise round town in their comfy cars and get driven from hotel to courtesy seat it would be noce if they knew how inconvenienced the rest of us are.

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