Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Persija Jakarta have the upper hand

Monday night saw Jakarta beat First Division PSIR Rembang 2-0. Goals from Tayo, who could be on his way out according to strong rumours, and Agus gave the Kemayoran Tigers an advantage ahead of the second leg on Thursday.

Rembang is a town on the North Coast of Java just beyond Semarang. The Jakmania are running transport to the game that leaves at 3pm tomorrow. 30,000 IDR / 70,000 IDR members/non members.

Not that I'm going!

Tomorrow sees Indonesia U 23 host Oman U 23 in the Olympic Qualifiers and if ever there was a pointless game it is this one. Indonesia have a massive zero points from 4 games and have no chance of qualifiying. The crowd will be pants but I have the next day off and I fancy a few beers...

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