Saturday, March 31, 2007


What's it like to have no fans...

To be fair Bandung are as fanatically supported as most other clubs in the League but for the next couple of games the Vikings, as they are known, will have to do without seeing their team.
Today, the game at Benteng Stadium against Tangerang City will be played without fans because of recent trouble involving the Benteng Mania.
Next week's top of the table clash between Bandung and Medan has similarly been declared a fan free fixture. This punishment was meted out by the Indonesian FA after fans invaded the pitch during the recent 4-2 victory over Malang and held the game up for nearly an hour. The club were also fined 20 million rupiah.
Until clubs and security officials get serious about fan behaviour inside stadiums this will happen again and again. Unfortunately when fans do decide to climb the fences surrounding the pitch the local brave constabulary are nowhere to be seen until it's too late.
I don't mind admitting this is a pain in the butt. Next week I had planned on going to Bandung for the just ain't fair!

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