Friday, March 23, 2007


Persik Kediri

Kediri may have struggled to reach their usual high standards domestically but in the Asian Champions League their 1-0 victory against Shanghai Shenhua has got Asia talking. It's funny but you expect a team bearing the name Shanghai to be big and glamourous. To be brash and cocky as the city befits. An oriental Manchester United if you like. But despite plenty of possession they were turned over by what is to be frank some country bumpkin outfit who couldn't even use their own stadium for ACL fixtures.

That's not strictly fair of course. Since ariving in the big time in 2003 Persik Kediri have been Indonesian Champions twice. That's twice more than Arema Malang! Under coach Daniel Roekito they play football the way it should be played. In Christian Gonzalez and Fagundez they have a couple of imports who add something to the game here.

Rain, a working day and a lengthy trip kept the crowd on Wednesday night to 7,000 but with Sydney FC up next it is to be hoped Kediri have the confidence to go into that fixture knowing they can get something out of it. Jiminez, the Shanghai coach bemoaned the rain and the poor playing conditions in Solo but of course that was true for both sides. The one time Kediri got their slick passing together they scored an Arsenal type goal. In the last minute a similar movement saw the final shot slowed up in the mud and the keeper had little difficulty in making the save.

Domestically though Kediri will be looking for a result next week when they visit Lebuk Bulus to play Jakarta. The ACL is still a couple of weeks away, plenty of time to think about that later!

enjoyed your post

what is feeling like amongst Persikmania about the gaem agaisnt Sydney

Sydney fans are very excited

Will these games bring closer links between our countries?
Is Kediri/Solo safe for Sydney fans..will we be welcomed

Is it JI territroy and if so is this a problem do you think

let me know any thought you may have..hope these questions are okay


The impression I get is they are frustrated. The games are being held a few hours drive from Kediri in the middle of the week and many of the fans go to schol or work. There was only 7,000 at the game against Shanghai.

I see no reason why visiting Sydney fans won't be welcomed! They don't get many foreigners at games here.

The game is being played in Solo, not Kediri, and it isn't a place for necking cold beers and doing the conga! But it's a pleasant place and close to some popular tourist sites.

I wouldn't worry about JI. The Indonesians are taking security seriously - they had 1400 police on duty at Malang recently and their fans are considered the best in the country! Compare that with a real crunch game in England like Portsmouth v Southampton which had 400.

If you are coming over then fly to Jakarta then get domestic flights on to Solo/Surakarta. You may fancy staying in nearby Yogyakarta which has a better tourist infrastructure then hiring a car to Solo, about an hours drive. If you do then stay in Yogyakarta!

I've emailed you something about Kediri who play today!
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