Thursday, March 22, 2007


Crowd disturbances

The FA Disciplinary Committee are being kept busy even at this early stage of the season. They met recently and got a little peeved with Persija Jakarta and their following The Jakmania.

The Jakmania have been banned from travelling to the next 5 away games after recnt disturbances in Bogor and Tangerang over the last couple of weeks. The punishment is daft though because the horse bolted ages back and with 4 of the next 5 aways scheduled for Lamongan, Semarang, Banda Aceh and Bireuen it's not really going to hurt too much. (Last season Jakarta took about 1000 to Semarang.) The fifth game is against Bandung...

Tangerang City's fans, the Benteng Mania, are also punished. But while Persija Jakarta are hit with a 25 million fine Tangerang City and Bogor Division get nothing.

Jayapura also got a 10 million fine because their supporters through plastic water bottles at visiting Arema Malang players recently

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