Monday, November 27, 2006


Same old same old

Same old same old. A spinelss, gutless performance at Bolton who every year look forward to bullying the Arsenal into submission and collecting 3 points just by acting tough.

We have to get tough. It doesn’t matter Bolton aren’t a good football team, we struggle every year and every year we chug out the same excuses and it’s embarrassing. Stop whining to the ref or the media, mix it with them. We may be the best team to see in England but you need to earn the right to play. Walcott was a surprise starter, surely we’d be better off with Baptisita out there unsettling the Bolton defence.

Sorry, I don’t accept the argument we missed Henry. All too often he goes missing in these games and we lose when he plays. Henry is not the issue. The issue is getting stuck in. the issue is mixing fire with fire. Arsene Wenger is undoubtedly a shrew manager but there are times he seems blind to obvious truths.

And as for Adebayor…saying he works hard is a metaphor for saying he ain’t good enough

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