Wednesday, October 18, 2006


You're havin a laugh ref

Ok so we lost in Moscow but I’m not too worried and I don’t suppose Arsene Wenger is either. They scored because we didn’t properly attack an indirect free kick on the edge of the area and while we didn’t play too well we should have come away with a draw thanks to Henry’s late goal. The circumstances surrounding the goal shed light on the argument for technology to play a greater role in the game.

English football at it’s best is fast and competitive and breaks in play are greeted by jeers and are as welcome as a night out with Ken Barlow. Supposing we had a fourth official last night in Moscow. Supposing we had the option of him viewing contentious decisions from a variety of angles. What would happen with play in the meantime? Would the players dash to the touchline and sip their sports drinks or would play carry on? This is football and like it or not we demand ‘instant justice.’ The Spanish ref dropped a bollock last night and it cost us a point. I fail to see how technology could have been made to work to provide a seamless decision making with minimal disruption to the play.

Before I’ve been against technology and I see no reason to change my mind. Putting aside the commercialization of the game it is still at heart a beautiful simple game. The skill of Henry is as essential to the 90 minutes as the balls up of a defender, keeper or official, it comes with the territory. They are humans and as such they are fallible.

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