Sunday, July 16, 2006


Starts tomorrow

The Big 8 and I bet the police in Central and East Java are looking ahead to a busy time.

You got to feel for the citizens of Solo and Gresik over the next few days as hoardes of football hooligans descend on them. Take Solo. Situated close to Semarang, Malang and Kediri they are expecting upwards of 10,000 fans from Semarang and Malang to descend on the historic city and about 5,000 from Kediri. OK it's nothing like the estimated 100,000 England who descended on Gelsenkirchen in the recent World Cup but then not all these bods will be face painters.

Gresik is hosting Jakarta, Pasuruan Town, Makassar and Minhasa but the biggest fear here is its proximity to Surabaya and their notorious bonek. It is not known how many Jakarta fans will travel so it seems on the cards that Pasuruan will have the largest following but the big unknown is Surabaya's fans. Will they turn out in numbers?

It all starts tomorrow with games between Minhasa and Makassar while Jakarta play Pasuruan Town in Gresik. Read about it here lah...


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