Monday, July 17, 2006


Minhasa v Makassar

Didn't really take much notice of the first half but the second got quite tasty when Makassar had a player sent off. It didn't affect them too much as they soon extended their lead to 2-0 and looked pretty comfortable.

The Gresik terraces were empty but started filling towards the end of the second half in preparation for the main event, see next entry, and they saw Minhasa claw their way back into the game. First Campo skied a sitter but they were pressuring and at times Makkasar were looking wobbly at the back.

With about 8 minutes left the Yellow shirted Minhasans pulled one back and just moments later they completed an unlikely recovery.

The game was marred by theatrical rolling and diving but then when they get away with it at the World Cup, the games global window, then what can we expect at this lowly level?

At the final whistle somewhat peeved Makassar tried to approach the referee because of course it was his fault and his alone they missed all those sitters. An exciting game was marred by those closing scenes that shows the the idea of losing gracefully is as far away as ever...

Next up is Jakarta against Pasuruan Town.

Update laters...

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