Thursday, July 20, 2006


Malang v Balikpapin

A disappointing crowd saw Malang dominate the first half possession wise but all they had to show for it was an own goal by the Balikpapin keeper who spectacularly punched a clearance into his own net in the manner of a top class volleyball player..

The Lions looked like they would rue their missed chances as Balikpapin, in grey, threw everything at them in the opening moments of the second half with their keeper saving them twice and when he was beaten a defender on the far post showed his worth vy clearing off the line. Three chances in three minutes, the men from Oil City, led by Robbie and Rodrigues were rampant but Malang are no pushover and Hita saw an effort well saved as they clawed their way back into the game.

A tricky run by Bullah again brought out a fine save by the Balikpapin keeper as Malang, aware of the fragility of their lead kept on the pressure. A free kick nodded across an empty goal saw Hita all alone and it was 2-0. Balikpapin’s early pressure was forgotten

A third goal from a controversial penalty was irrelevant to the outcome, the game had been effectively over once Balikpapin had failed to breach the Malang rearguard in that early onslaught. The Aremaina celebrated on the terraces, content that after their defeat against Semarang, winning ways returned.


is it malang is persema malang you mean?

i am fans of persema and persik kediri too, i am searching they rec here but i am not find it, let me know if you have another information about this rec

nice blog, keep blogging :)
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