Saturday, July 22, 2006


Before the Indonesian football...

A couple of stories from England caught my eye. Today is Dennis Bergkamp's testeimonial and it is fitting that the genius who has time and time again lifted Arsenal's football to another plane should bow out at our new stadium for it's openeing fixture. Here's hoping it's on TV some place.

The other story was Plymouth Argyle. They were touring Austria and staying in some plush hotel in a village there when Real Madrid came along and kicked them out! Just as they were settling into the local youth hostel they got a call from those Spanish bullies asking them if they fancied a kick around down the local park. And that's how 4000 fans saw Plymouth take on Real Madrid and do pretty bloody well, going down just 1-0. I can only imagine how their fans feel. They have great support potentially, I remember them bringing some 12,000 to Highbury once. I'd love to see them in the Premiership.

OK, the Big 8 continues later today...laters...

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