Sunday, May 14, 2006


Indonesia National Team

Since I've been taking an interest in Indonesian football I've seen nothing about the national team. Thanks to David for this!!!

Its been a great year for peter withe since he arrived in Indonesia back in 2004, the team lose to saudi arabia 3-1 on world cup qualification but they managed to beat turkmenistan 3-1, on the next occasion like tigercup, Peter once again brought the team to its highest perfomance, with beating Vietnam 3-0 at Hanoi! and not even conceding a single goal in the group stages. When it came to semifinal, Indonesia trashed Malaysia 4-1 at Kuala lumpur in where many analysts on ESPN comparing Boas salossa as Wayne rooney. But its all finally coming to the dark side after the team beaten by Singapore 5-2 on aggregate and Indonesia is the only team that went to the finals for third consecutive times but failed to win the cup. despite all of this...Peter still have the job. Sea Games 2005 Lack of preparation and Peter decision to train in Perth Australia for a month was a great mistake for the team. With one month left to the tournament, the team is still in early preparation. Indonesia league just finished four days before the team departed to Perth, it was spring there and weather condition was quite cold at night but they managed to play in that condition. The young indonesians were unbeaten during theyr australian tour but it was a great mistake for them to train there, because all the team that they were playing are not typical ASEAN players, Australian team always play high ball and kick in rush type of football, while asean players usually play one-touch-two-go and using their fast running its pretty useless for them.. The team never make it to the final but once again they were unbeaten during the group stages and not conceding a single goal! bad result for peter but hey..he still got the job! so now comes my question, whats next from Peter ? Indonesia has a great footballers, here is my list of players that Peter should pick Center back - Hamka, Maman, Aris budi, Aris indarto Left wing/right wing - Erol fx iba, alex pulalo, elie aboy, M ridwan, Ismed sofyan, Ortisan salossa, Mahyadi P, Harry salisburi, Budi sudarsono Strikers - well those four Indo-dutch players and Bambang pamungkas will do....or soon becoming indonesian naturalized christian gonzales

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