Monday, May 08, 2006


The Arsenal Way

Football is about rivalry and there is no greater rivalry than that between The Arsenal and that lot up the Seven Sisters Road. You grow up with it, friendships based on your team define your life, you just love rubbing your mates noses in it when they get bested by you. You do it because you know sure as shagging pigs produces porkers they'll do the same to you.

For this game the result is all. In my times with the Arsenal we've had a pretty good run against them. Apart from a little spell round the early 80's we've been top dogs and it's been most enjoyable. But with The Arsenal it's never just about beating them. It's about doing it with a beat of cheek, a bit of verve. Bragging rights taste so much sweeter when we collect the pots and piss on their parade as well.

1971 - final league game of the season at White Hart Lane. We need a 1-0 to guarantee our first championship in 18 years (actually with goal average it was more complicated) and you know it. Kennedy in the last minute, we are Champions and N17 witness a team winning the League for the 3rd time in it's pathetic history

1974 - They appoint ex Arsenal man Terry Neill and he sets about building a team fit for relegation! His enviable record of winning only 33% of games under his charge is bettered only by their leg end Ardilles. Under him they only won 30%.

1978 - We won 5-0 at the Lane

1987 - League Cup Semi. They win the first leg 1-0 at ours. In the second leg they go 1 up but we win 2-1 meanining a replay. Again they go 1-0 up. We equalise then with a minute to go we finally take the lead! After 269 minutes of football we take the lead and get to the final! How did they feel???

1988 - They sign Gazza and get all excited thinking they're a big club but we win 3-2 at theirs and win the league again!

1993 - FA Cup Semi - Tony Adams scores, Lee Dixon is sent off but we only need 10 men.

1995 - We got Dennis Bergkamp, you got Chris Armstrong!

1999 - Hey what do you know? They win a trophy!!! The League Cup in the last minute. But who was their manager? Georgeous George Graham!

2001 - Another Semi Final, another victory...didn't they go 1 up?

2001 - Sol Campbell wants to win trophies so after some teasing of Manchester United and Bayern Munchen he signs for the Arsenal

2002 - Sol finally gets to use the trophy cabinet he'd bought from IKEA

2004 - WHL witnesses yet another Championship. The Totts go home secure in the knowledge that we have won the League at theirs more times in the last 50 years than they have. Bless...

2006 - In 4th spot since December, they'd been busying renewing passports and looking up Ajax on road maps, getting all excited about being in the Champions League for the first time in their history. Last game, they MUST win at West Ham to assure themselves but their bottle, and their bowels, go. They fail to get the game postponed but at 1-1 they're through. But The Arsenal, oh my Arsenal, are toying with them. We even go a goal down just to give them some false hope. Henry scores, he celebrates, a yid scores for West Ham, Sheringham misses a penalty, yeah, we know how much he loves us right, and that's it. We finish 4th, St Totteringham's came a little late this year but it came...The Arsenal Way

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