Sunday, April 02, 2006



So I spent ages researching the journey from Malang to Wamena because the crappy Malang team, not Arema Malang, were playing there midweek but oh no! Wamena were visiting Malang! Can't be arsed to change it now.

The American and 'Stralian Embassies are warning of terroist attacks today and warn of identifiable Americans at risk. Go to any hi end shopping mall like Plaza Senayen or Plaza Indonesia and you will see all the Indonesian kids effecting American mannerisms and poses, check out the schools where they are playing basket ball which is pretty American I guess. I appreciate the embassies are in a lose lose situation, say nothing and a bomb goes off and watch the slingshots of public opinion attck them but when they say something and nothing happens then we are reminded by conscientious commentators about Peter who cried wolf once too often.

I need some beer!

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