Saturday, April 08, 2006


Playboy and Beer

The mid season break which I haven't mentioned comes to and end today with a few fixtures. As I write Bandung are surprisingly beating Semarang 1-0.

Wednesday saw the All Star game between the West and East Divisions and as with all games of this ilk I didn't bother with it. Anyway there was the small matter of Juve agains the Arse

The West Division is taking a bit of shape now and it'll be interesting to see if the title ends up anywhere outside of Medan, Semarang or Arema Malang. I'll do the latest standings next post which should be on the morrow.

For the armchair fan there is a full schedule on TV with the Semarang game followed by some pissy team from North London whoses name escapes me but they have a chicken on their left tit, followed by yet another EPL game plus a full whack of Spanish and Italian stuff. No wonder Pizza Hut are expanding though I wish Izzi Pizza would open a branch near me.

Apa Lagi? Oh yeah Indonesian Playboy is now on sale and according to the mullahs we're all going to hell. I've already been there lads, this morning was a battle to keep my copious bellies cushioned as last nights ale swilled around along the Jalan Tol. Satu Lagi looks better each visit and as for Mad Dogs, they should get rid of that bloody pool table! Don't buy it if you're expecting pages of tender young flesh, you got more chance of seeing tits protesting by Hotel indonesia.

That's it for now. I just found some Branston pickle so it's cheese and ham sarnies..tomorrow it's the Arse against Man U and I'm sure there's some local stuff...

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