Tuesday, April 11, 2006


He earns how much???

I'm watching Semarang play Yogyakarta, I missed the first half but 2 things possibly related, have struck. One is how the Blues from Semarang seem to play as a team and are leading 2-0. The other thing is how bad Yogyakarta's centre forward is. He is bloody shite!

His shirt is dirty but then that doesn't mean he is working for his team. Adolofo has a dirty shirt because everytime he is touched he falls acrobabtically and rolls round in the mud for good measure. He then shakes his head a few times and gets up again seemingly none the worse for wear but you know what? He's fallen god knows how many times yet he never once spilled his chewing gum!

I've never rated Drogba, Crouch or Heskey but seriously this guy is a joke. He's just been substituted and hobbled off slowly shaking his head as if at the injustice of it all but if anyone should be shaking their heads it should be the guy who agreed to bringing him to Indonesian football.

In the rare Yogyakarta forays into the Semarang half said Adolfo would be screamong for the ball but not actively looking for space so he could run on to the ball. Considering he was being man marked you don't need an FA coaching badge to appreciate that perhaps this may not be the best tactic.

Perhaps I got him on a bad day. Perhaps he is a quality player, full international and was top of his class at school diving competitions. But today he added nothing to his struggling side, indeed in the moments after he was taken off Yogyakarta showed more attacking threat than they had when he was planning his next fall. I bet the lady who does the laundry hates him!

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