Saturday, March 18, 2006


The Standings So Far

This morning I met a coach of Tangerang and as is my want I tried to wrangle a free ticket. However he just laughed and said better off watching it on TV, there's going to be trouble! He was wrong, I would be better off watching the rabbits in the garden, we're mid way through the first half and it's pretty grim.

OK, the latest league standings! We'll start with the Western Division.

Arema Malang 11/21
Medan 11/19
Pasaruan Town 11/18
Semarang 11/18
Tangerang City 12/18
Jakarta 12/18
Palembang Sriwijaya 11/15
Bandung 11/15
Padang 11/14
Jepara 11/13
Yogykarta 11/12
Deli Serdang 11/10
Tangerang 11/10
Jakarta North 11/8

Don't be misled by Jakarta's lofty position, they may 3 points off the top spot but in their 12 games they have scored 7 goals so far and two of them were in the first game of the season! The big game this weekend though sees Semarang entertain Medan. Both teams have slipped recently against unlikely opponents and there is sure to be a big crowd there to see them try and get back on track and stay close to Arema Malang

Eastern Division

Kediri 11/24
Minahasa 11/23
Persela 11/19
Wamena 11/19
Balikpapin 12/17
Slemen 11/16
East Kalimantin 12/16
Persibom 11/15
Makassar 11/13
Ternate 11/12
Jayapura 11/12
Sidoarjo 11/10
Gianyar 11/8
Malang 11/6

Kediri recently suffered their first defeat of the season going down 2-1 against Slemen. It's worth pointing out only Gianyar in the Western Division have scored less goals than shot shy Jakarta.

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