Thursday, March 16, 2006


A New Contributer

I'd like to welcome David on board. David is Indonesian so is able to get the low down on the gossip surrounding the game here. He's a Semarang fan but let's not hold that against him!

Today sees the first lose for Persik kediri and first home lose for PSMS medan, both of them were beaten by two clubs in the lower ranks. This also comes to a prove that in football, everything can happens. Looking at how Indonesian league today, im actually happy that the league has progress much better than previously. So far, The referees made not to many mistake and the players started to learn not to make stupid mistake or easy tackle in the game. But what doesnt much change is how the team implementing football in 3-5-2 position, which in my opinion, its getting so yesterday and not in a level with modern football. Anyway thats all, i hope jakartacasual happy to see my short report

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