Friday, June 11, 2021


It's Celebrity Takeover

🇮🇩⚽️ Indonesian football has all the characteristics of a soap opera and that's what makes it so difficult to write about. Today's headline will quickly be replaced by tomorrow's sidebar which completely changes the nature of the story.
In 2019 PSG were based in Gresik.
In 2020 their licence was bought and the club shifted to Pati and rebranded PSG Pati.
In 2021 a local celebrity took over the license and later intends to rebranded the club AHHA PS Pati.

This is just the latest in a series of clubs being bought or taken over by people famous for being on TV or having large social media followings.
While anything has to be an improvement on petty provincial potentates who have till now ruled the roost it remains to be seen how string these celebrities commitment is to football.

JDT became successful by marrying star names with the unglamorous but important work off the field - will this new breed of owner in Indonesia bring that same desire or are they just after a quick buck and when it fails to materialise lose interest and start plugging their next soap opera?

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