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No One Can Take Away Our Memories

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I wrote last month about Persebaya and their fans. Now there is another Persebaya story that deserves a telling as even much of the Indonesian language media seems to be looking elsewhere.

Last weekend a Persebaya Legends team took to the field at Tambaksari Stadium to play a friendly against a PSSI All Stars. Now I don't have a scooby about who played for the PSSI side but then I am not sure this game was about football.

With Persebaya existing in name only this was a chance for the legions of loyal fans to flock to the hallowed turf of the Tambaksari one more time to roar on the badge and more than 25,000 did precisely that. And as can be seen by the picture one brought his pet monitor lizard to la up the atmosphere!

To put in context only Persija boasted a big crowd in Indonesia and is is unlikely many other clubs in South East Asia attracted more over the weekend in their respective leagues.

Fans came from allover Surabaya of course as well as Malang, Sidoarjo and Lamongan including some who had travelled from as far as Jakarta. They had to really, didn't they? Who knows when Persebaya will make a return to the top flight of Indonesian football.

As for the game? Like I said earlier this wasn't really about the football. It was about the badge and when the f ans invaded the pitch at home time to take pictures with their heroes that was it. The game was over and the event turned into a retro afternoon for Persebaya and their Bonek supporters.

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