Thursday, May 05, 2016


Malaysian FA Punish Young Fans

When the Malaysian football authorities announced ticket prices for the FA Cup Final social media went into a state of shock. RM50 isn't that expensive I don't think, not for a final. It is however expensive for children yet that is what they must pay if they want to see Johor Darul Ta'zim play PKNS in the first showpiece event of the year.

In years gone past young fans have been asked to pay RM5 which was fair enough but apparently many adults were entering the stadium with kids' tickets and therefore abusing the system.

Ok, so there is a problem. Every year we hear how many security officials will be on duty for these big games. What do they do exactly? Do they have any standard operating procedures or key performance indicators by which they can be held accountable?

Because if grown adults are using children priced tickets to enter the stadium then what the hell are all these security, hi vis wearing numpties doing beyond getting a free day out?

It is the job of the authorities and the participating clubs to ensure tickets get into the right hands. To punish the innocent and stop cheap tickets for kids is a nonsense way to deal with the problem. It would be easy to sort something so kids can still buy cheap tickets and adults who are scummy enough yo try such a thing get caught but that involves things like hard work and imagination. And they are sadly lacking in the corridors of power.

For the other side of the story check out The Malay Mail.

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