Tuesday, April 12, 2016


ISC Delayed By Two Weeks

Friday was supposed to see the start of the Indonesian Soccer Championship with Persipura kicking off the competition with a home game against Sriwijaya. However, and this won't come as a surprise to seasoned Indonesian football watchers, if there are any, the campaign has been put back two weeks and won't start until 29 April.

The opening game will still be at the Mandala Stadium in Jayapura but instead of Sriwijaya being the guests it will be Persija who will line up against  the Black Pearls.

In other news about the ISC organisers hope to make an announcement soon about a title sponsor. I guess it won't be the Qatar bank that put its name to the Super League last year for all of three games. Or maybe it will. Who knows?

Because, officially, this competition is not being organised by the PSSI, still banned by the government and FIFA, the normal course of action for disciplinary issues can't be followed. In the past the PSSI committee would meet to discuss fines and suspensions, and often Nurdin Halid would overturn them when he was in charge(!), but now no one from the association can be involved.

What this means is the clubs will get together to determine their own disciplinary committee members and if ever you wanted to be a fly on the wall at a meeting it would surely be this one.

Although organisers now will have to come up with a new fixture list for the ISC it has been announced there will be nine games a week with three on Saturday and Sunday. Friday will see two games played while there will also be a game on Monday nights. Good news I guess for armchair viewers and for all its problems football remains a massive draw on TV.

Of course all this is liable to change. No permission has yet been granted by the national police for a competition to go ahead as they are awaiting approval from those lovely people at BOPI and the government's transition team.

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