Wednesday, January 06, 2016


FAS Cling On To ASEAN Super League Wish

Just when it seemed Singapore's obsession with the proposed ASEAN Super League could get no more manic comes news the SLeague could become a feeder league for the ASL!

The FAS it seems continue to cling to this ridiculous notion that the ASL is a knight in shining armour astride a majestic fire breathing steed riding to the rescue of Singapore football but this obsession is offering little in the way of rescue and much in the way of ridicule.

Apparently after a 12 month review the FAS have discovered all 'stakeholders' agree a strong national team is a must and the ASL is an important part of that ambition. Therefore, so goes the twisted logic out of Jalan Besar, the SLeague needs to find its place in the eco-system to support a strong ASL side.

Which is different from the recent LionsXII experiment in Malaysia how exactly?

To compound their lack of football knowledge they then cite the example of Belgium and its little known league. It may be little known to those people but those who know about football know about clubs like Anderlecht and Club Brugges.

If these people don't give a toss about the SLeague, and it's obvious they don't, then perhaps they are the ones who should step down and bring in people with experience, expertise and ability. They insist all members nations are behind the ASL but a league featuring the likes of development sides and age groups teams is no league at all.

What are they smoking?

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