Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Pre Season Competition Dropped

In what has to be the least surprising news since two British people bumped into each other and started talking about the weather, Indonesia's pre season competition has been cancelled before it even began.

I am at a loss to know why the powers that be at the Indonesia Super League even contemplated holding the event; the league was cancelled a few weeks ago because the government had withdrawn support of the PSSI and the police had stopped issuing necessary security permits for games to go ahead.

Nothing has changed since then.

But that didn't stop the ISL, in a total suspension of logic, going ahead of doing a draw for the competition and clubs restart training with players who have been in receipt of various levels of payment since the league suspension.

We are still in wait mode. FIFA has given a deadline of 29 May for the government and PSSI to get their stuff together or sanctions may follow. The government shows no sign of backing down even though some members of its transition team and withdrawn for whatever reason.

The ISL are being optimistic if they think the league will even start again in September. The game, like it or not, is no longer in their hands.

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