Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Players Angry With Match Officials Shock

Indonesia Super League

Persepam MU v Perseru 1-1 (Diego Zarza; Fred Mote) 2,401

Umm. This game was stopped in the 70th minute apparently after the ref did not give the home team a penalty. The fans started throwing plastic water bottles on the field, why always the water bottles, as players and officials jostled the match officials before security officials sprang into action and escorted them to their changing room.

After the match the manager of Persepam said it wasn't their, the club's fault, the disturbances had happened, he blamed the ref saying he wasn't fair! So there.

Putra Samarinda v PSM 2-1 (Ilija Spasojevic, Naser Al Sebai ;Syamsul Haeruddin) 3,354

Umm. This game suffered a lengthy delay in injury time when the home team were awarded a penalty. PSM players took exception to this decision and mobbed the ref and the linesman. One PSM ran on to the pitch to politely ask people to restart the game because he had a late bus to catch but the security services misunderstood his public transport concerns and charged on the pitch with batons raised.

PSM players protested for blood ages while at the other end the Pusam keeper sat down and did some fine needlework. At the core of the protests was PSM keeper Markus Horison, the former national team player well known for his diplomacy skills. Alas and alack, his talents went unappreciated and he got a yellow card for his troubles.

Despite all that brouha, the ref did not change his mind. Fancy! Pusam took the spot kick and scored to secure their ISL future.

More brouha. The official ISL website and another website state this game was played at Segiri Stadium. I was at the game, I wasn't at Segiri Stadium!

Some pictures can be found on Asian Football Pictures.

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